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BSc. Aviation
3 Year Degree Course

BSc. Aviation

With direct entry into the 2nd Year, a Degree Course in Aviation awarded by the University of Mumbai is a great way for CPL Holders to further enhance their aviation knowledge and earn a formal degree.
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With quality tie ups, IAAS is the ideal place to train for your PPL/CPL or ATPL license requirements.

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Why Enrol with the Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety?

FIP's unparalleled reputation

IAAS is the premier education wing of the Federation of Indian Pilots.

By Pilots, For Pilots

The management of FIP and IAAS comprises primarily of pilots. We understand your career needs, goals and build programs accordingly.

Direct Admission to Second Year

In a first of a kind concession, the University of Mumbai offers CPL Holders admission directly to the second year of its B.Sc. Aviation degree program.

Cutting Edge Infrasturcture

Visit our campus in Goregaon, Mumbai for a one of a kind experience in aviation campuses. We have made generous investments both monetarily and intellectually to creating the perfect study environment.



From Capt. S. Mehta's Desk

As pilots progress in their careers, they acquire skills which are highly specialized and technical in nature. However, there was an absence of a suitable University Degree Course to reflect their professional qualifications.

To provide pilots with a conventional academic platform equal to their skills and knowledge, the Federation of Indian Pilots founded the Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety, in 2002 with affiliation to the venerable University of Mumbai for awarding B.Sc. (Aviation) Degrees.

A formal Degree broadens a pilot's perspective and opens the portals to Post Graduation leading to greater professional excellence. Therefore it is important to select an academy that provides an experienced faculty and a structured curriculum. IAAS is the 1st Institute in Mumbai to be affiliated to the University of Mumbai and has achieved many milestones in the last 8 years of imparting quality training to its students. IAAS carries out Flying Training of its students in the best flying academies in Canada. The flying clubs are also committed to use most modern and effective training systems, faculty and best global practices to impart safe and comprehensive training for professional pilots in the defined duration. The students undergo 200hrs of Flying including Multi Engine Rating and Instrument Rating.

well rounded educationat IAAS

IAAS is dedicated at offering Aviation professional and aspirants a well rounded education. Our faculty is comprised of senior pilots and is well versed with the running of the Indian Aviation Industry.

Meet Our Faculty +

Degree Courses

Our B.Sc. and the soon to be approved M.Sc. in Aviation degrees offer pilots and other aviation professionals a way to contextually formalize their career-education nexus.

PPL / CPL / ATPL Training

Where better can one learn to crack the ever so challenging DGCA Pilot examinations? IAAS not only teaches you what you need to know in a competitive aviation world, but opens up your horizons to new, quick learning techniques.

after your Pilot's License

There is a plethora of courses one can follow up a formal CPL/ATPL with to gain that extra career advantage. A large number of pilots are gunning for managerial positions today, an add on course makes you a better professional!

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